Toerisme Kasterlee

Plaffeien Partner Town

Plaffeien has a little under 2000 inhabitants and is located in the German-speaking part of the Fribourg canton, in the Schwarzsee region. Tourism in this mountain village dates back to the 18th century. Nowadays, summertime visitors readily find their way to the varied hiking trail around the lake and the hiking trails on the Kaiseregg (2185 m above sea level), Spitzfluh (1951 m) and Schwyberg (1628 m) mountains. The particular beauty of the Brecca gorge, one of the most beautiful and wildest Swiss alpine valleys shaped by glaciers, also makes many people dream. But it is a gem in the winter as well. You can go skiing on the Riggisalp Kaiseregg, ice-skating on the Hapferen Plaffeien lake, or hike and enjoy the beautiful vistas. 

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The inhabitants of Kasterlee know that Plaffeien is a great place to be. For more than 30 years now, the municipal schools of Kasterlee and Lichtaart have been travelling to this mountain village for their snow classes in the winter. Over the years, many personal bonds were forged; but on the level of associations as well, various types of exchange exist. This is for instance the case with the fire department, fanfare, Chiro, judo club, etc.
The fraternisation is kept going by the Plaffeien committee in Kasterlee and the Kasterleekommission in Plaffeien. Every legislature, an exchange between the town councils allows the officials to get to know each other and the partner town better.