Toerisme Kasterlee

Pumpkin Society

Growing giant pumpkins. That is one of the goals of the Kasterlee-based Pumpkin Society. This craze in the pumpkin town of Kasterlee started in 1990, at the farmer’s market at the time. The town was excitedly looking forward to the competition for the heaviest pumpkin. Kasterlee-resident Frans Boonen could use the first prize, a wheelbarrow, and made an all-out effort to take good care of his pumpkin in the course of the year. With result. The scales at the farmer’s market indicated 60 kg, making Frans Boonen the winner. He returned home with the heaviest pumpkin as well as a brand-new wheelbarrow. This signalled the start of the Kasterlee trend of growing and weighing heavy pumpkins.

information and support

In 2002 the pumpkin growers decided to officially unite in the Pumpkin Society. The society informs and supports everyone who is involved in pumpkins. From small to large, from edible to decorative pumpkins. For anyone who wants to see how a giant pumpkin grows, the Pumpkin Society annually sows pumpkin seeds at Ecomuseum De Waaiberg – Waaiberg 1 – 2460 Kasterlee.

colossal pumpkins

The members of the Pumpkin Society also help out one another when lifting the pumpkins. Which is definitely necessary! The heaviest pumpkin ever grown in Kasterlee weighed no less than 800 kg. Kasterlee’s ambition is to grow the world’s heaviest pumpkin someday. 

To express their love of pumpkins, the Pumpkin Society wrote a song about this yellow fruit. On the right-hand side of this page you can find the lyrics and listen to the song.


The highlight for the Pumpkin Society is October, when the Belgian and European pumpkin growers' championships are held. Events the Kasterlee-based Pumpkin Society cannot fail to attend. Also in October, the Pumpkin Society organises the pumpkin growers’ walk and the pumpkin regatta in Kasterlee, among other events.

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